At Galleon, we seek out artisans who create exceptional wines. There is nothing we like more than to listen to stories of their winemaking venture, delve deeper into their philosophy and experience first-hand their passion in the vineyard and cellar as well as among their family and community.

It’s all about terroir

We give priority to winemakers who respect the terroir, skillfully extracting its essence while preserving the integrity of the land. They are free thinkers who aren’t afraid of challenging traditional growing and vinification methods to produce true masterpieces.

The industry’s best

We collaborate with talented individuals with whom we forge sold connections with an eye to the long term. The fine wines we choose to represent possess remarkable qualities that are lauded by industry peers or will soon be. We have a knack for unearthing rare wines that will delight sommeliers, passionate aficionados and adventurous oenophiles alike.